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Dear Clients,

My already busy schedule is about to change yet again.  I will only have massage appointments available the first two weeks of the month, starting in September.

As of September , the online booking will no longer be available either

Please use up those gift cetifactes that you are saving for a special time.

As many of you know, my granchildren and their parents have moved to Oregon. I am very family oriented and do not want to miss out seeing them. I will be going to Oregon every month to see them live, insteade of Skype. 

In addition, my coaching has been increasing and taking up more of my time. I will be able to coach even in Oregon as most of it is over the phone anyway. You will be able to use your gift certificates towards a coaching session.

I am grateful to have been able to serve all of you, but as I wind down my massage, I will no longer get that opportunity.










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